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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 8, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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ú%> during our search we found a chest freezer that was filled with fetuses, ome that appeared to be full term. a disturbing ddscovery at a3 abortionnclinic. trying to get their medical licenses back and who is trying to stop ttem. it'ssan industty that is accessible to everybody. big brother on the internet. the chances big brother could have more control over your wee access. now we're going to communicaae the congregations with the community. cleaning up thhe treett with baltimore with a new crime plan. how the communityyis fighting bbck with faith. good morning.
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it's wednesday, september 8th. you're taking a live look over good mooning, iim patricee3 ú%rris. let's get a check of the ourú forecast. meteorologist steve fertig is here with what we can eepect today. it was armer that morning than it has been in the ppss couple mornings. -p and it will be a wwrmer afternoon. yesterday warmer still we had the 90s. >> i loved it. >>i you love the 90s. and partly cloudy skies a as the froot pushes through. breezy, 75 in salisbury and it's a chaace ffr a light shower out to the west ut most of that is dissipating with high pressure but still bringing us dry air in place. a lot of showers breaking apart. a southerly flow and a bit of a stronger wind, means a coassal flood advisory for the west side of the chesapeaae bay.
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there's minor looding possible there. with the fire weathhr watch, easily igniting anything that you -- don't drop a match or anything out there,,because all oo the dry air and the winds will be picking uu. 88 degrees for theehigh will be a warm one and breezy with the winds gusting uu to %-30. miles per hour gusting to now heee is lauren cookeewith3 the traffic edge. >> reporter: good morning, %-good morning. while we start the day out with trouble in you on ward county. we'ree-- howard county, we're dg with an accident at executive park drive. it look like a driver hit a -uarddail avoid hitting a deer. nootrouble taking a live look at to be moving at the inner and outer loop right. all traveling through thh tunnels from theport mchenry tunnel to the beltway, an 8-minute drive wwth an average speed o of 55 miles per hhur.
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that's the traffic edge report. patricee back to you. %-two doctors are fighting to gt their license to practice medicine back. both were suspended after being accused of being innolvvd in an abortion that ended with a young woman being flown to the hospital. megan gilliland is livv outside of he maryland oard of ú%ysicians and the latest in the case nd the uproar that it's good morningg megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrrce. aa 11:00 this morning, the two doctors are going to make their way inside these doors and ask the state board of physicians for their liccnses back. but before they get out inside, they are goinn to facc a lot of heaa outside here facing a group of protesters from defend life. ú%%-that those two dootors never ppactice medicine aggin. ú%e probe acttally began whenna man and a woman dressed in hospital scrubs showed up at the yard oo unionnhospital.
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police earned that the abortion in new jeesey. transported by ccr to cecil county to complete the procedure. when police got little cooperation from the doctors involved, they got a warrant to search the clinic attmain streee in elkton.3 ttere they made made a gruesooe discovery. >> we found a chest reezer that was full with fetuses, some that appeared to be full term. -ecured the state freezer and tookkit to the medical examiner for further investigation. >> as a result, dr. brigham was issued a ceaae and desist order toostopppracticing. other doctors are goong to go in
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today to try to get their licenses renewed and get hem back. as far as the criminal charges, the cecil county state attorney's office will determine thht. megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. a woman is founn dead and a a fire in howard county, butter police are saying it may not have been thhefire that killed the woman. theefiie at an aaartment -uilding on major's lane in coluubia broke out after the two people were alreedy injured. the woman was found deaddwhen police arrived on the scene. the man was flown to shock trauma where he ii in stable conddtion this morning. police are now innestigattng the incident as a d domestic dispute what we believe at thii time is that bothhof them were injured, not as a result oo the3 fire, aad we're still working to determine the cause of their injuries. to know that she is gone, yoú tragic. at ttis time police stilll3 don't knoo what caused the fire or the injuriess
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at least five familiis have been displaced by thh blaze but no one else as injured. 27 horres are dead afterú fire rips through a barn at the charles town barn in west virginia..3 >> thhs roof is n fire, you people need tt ove. >> the fire was captured by a ú%oup of tourists visiting the neaaby casino. you can see huge flames engulfing the bbrn after the fire broke out on monday morning. the people who shot thhs video helped emergency crews save as many horses as they could. >> you could hear the cries from the horses, you know, they were nayiig and weighing at the top of their lungs. >> 30 horses makeeit ouu of barn. the cause of the fireeremaiis unddr investigation inside the heat takes its tool on two more marylanders. it brings the total so farrto 28. that is ompared to just six last yyar. state health officials say the
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victims were an adult from dorrhester county and a sennor sit cent frocitizen frommnorth , both had nnerlling conditions. officials witt the archdiocese of baltimore say they plan toohold classes at st. clement school after running air quality tests. students were sent home early after emergency crews determined ú%at the odor was spreading through thh suers. suers. worried hen hazmat crewsg arrived. >> an underground pump at a %-ruptured several months ago ad while there's o confiimed connnction to the royal farms and the innident at st. clements at this time,,wwrkers are examiniig the ggs anks. a 21 ears old man has been
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ccarged in two august shootings. one of which was fatal. killed jee!! gerard cavel on august 6th.úa 17 years old girlo the hospital afttr shotsswere3 fired you through te front door of ahome on bel air road. investigators say they innedd33 york tooboth incidents to gunshot ssells found at the -cenee a cumberland man ccused of kidnapping and trying to kill a 6-year-old girl pleads not guilty. 45 years old stephen westfall3 entered the plea in an allegheny county courtroom yesterday. abducted theegirl and drove her to a rural area where he choked and beat hhr. the trial is expected to begin on november 20th. one east baltimore community ú% now fighting crime by
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counting on a higher power. joel d smith is live here now operation good faith.led good morning, joel, what is that all about. >> reporter: let me tell you, patrice. %-morning to everyyody.oo you know,,around east altimorr people know therees been now thee're trying to take it to problems and stoppinggcrime. they think religion can be a big help in terms oo manpower and iú terms of faith. we have the sign over there, dr. carter way. you have a real niche in this community. you do to make thingssbetter.ú >> it's important since the killing of milton hill that we move to actton. that monday after his killing we gathering, north avenue was blocked and we believe that talk is good, but we got to move to >> reporter: that action is every church geeting a
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around and really taking contro3 of hose blocks. >> yeah. that is the plan. it's called good faith operatton. and each church is being asked to take control of the four blocks at its location and along witwith one another blook. it's called 4 plus 1. -> reporter: are you going to %-before it happens. prevent it >> we're not policemen carrying fireerms. we do believe in the power f faith and we do believe in the power of numbers. what we plan to do ii walk the perimeter and provide a inistrú of presence if you will. right now we have the presence but it's the negative resence. we are talking about providing a positive presence.3 that is an effort that is along with ciit council persons call stokes, mary clark all the rest. >> reporrer: they do have people showing up and throughout the rest of the morning we will be talking specifically about
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theseeplans and how had he have3 to get a lot of other churches involved. >> i can't wait to hearrabout that, because it would take everybody out there tryinn to paarol the streets to make sureú thaa we do something about this. very interesting. we want to hear how you are fighting backkagainst crime. tell us what you're doing in your community tr to trr to clen up the street. give us a call. all eyes are on bp today as it plaas to release its internal investigation into what caused the rig explosiin ttat led to that massive gulf oil spill. the critics say the company is unliiely to place too much blamú on itselff public hearings, bp has already tried to shiff some blame to the rig owner and the cement contractor, but the report isn't the final word on the explosion. it's still. the subject of several muslims see it as a sign of -isrespect.
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the debate round a florida pastor stuut burning the oran on seettmber 11 is picking up %-we have more. >> i see it as aasign of terror. he is trying to terrorize my community. >> we're sending the message to3 them that we can go beyond talk. if you ush us, too far weecan go bbyond talk. there's a time that the talk is %-thhre's a time that we must stand up, and battle. >> reporter: a pastor is gettinn heat from all sides over hissweekend plan over an organized burn. >> a pastor in gainsville, koran on september 11. equivocallcondee condemnation disgraceful act. >> reporter: general david act could eedanger troops in
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afganistan and americans eeerywhere, but jones says thht is not his intention. >> it would be tragic alif beccuse of this one person, one -erson died, but at the same for nnt feel responsible we are not -- we are nnt promoting that. >> all he is goinn to do is add more division between muslims and christians, while we should be sitting down at the table to resolve our differences. >> repprter: jones emphasizes his constitutional right to et fire to the book. >> hate violence will not be toleraaed and those who engage in such activities will be prosecuted to tte full extent the law. no one should have to live or pray in fear. >> reporter: passor jones says he has bben geeting death threats since the burning day was annouuced in july. since then supporters have been mailing copies of the islamic hoppy tacts to his church to be insenrated innthat bonfire.
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coming up on the early edition, a newspaper venddr hits on the job.ú >> eitter one of them. the chase that led to that incident. a weakening cold front not bringing us a whole lottin the waa of rrinshowers.
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>>welcome back. -:16 on thisswednesday morning of the we are checking on thh sky hd radar, which indicates showers up in virginia but -heyyre not having a whole lot of success makinn it you up here. a lost showers dissipating as -hey move west to east. -evertheless, a chance for a %-picture.t as we look at the at the harbor 77 degrees, more %-southwest winds ahead of the front. at 7 miles per hour will allow temperatures to warm up once again before tte cooler air moves in. 52 relative humidityy and the barometerris holding steady. the windssout of the southwest, the winds and the dry air in place are going to allow for the possibility of well, fire toú
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ignite very easily. again you want to be aware of that oo a day like this. we do haae a fire weather advisory which i will show you in a econdd %-d.c. and 75 in hagerstownn and sounds more ominous than it will be..3 it just means that the atmosphere ii conducive for the spread of on a fire, be awarr of had at the south side of thee3 chesapeake bay. ú%cauue the southerly flow off3 air bringing in a higher tied this morning and it would be minor flooding we would expect if we see anything at all, not because f any rain that is coming. -ight rain is possibbe aheed of the front but a remote chance this morning. -therwise the warm ir will beú replaced by the cooler air aa high pressure builds from the west. we ill see pleasant conditions onceewe gettppst oday. temperaturesswill be dropping in pressure center, hermine's remnants will be comiig our way
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possibilitt of raii on sunday. ú%rr is what what you can expect if you're in the eastern shore, 899ddggees or the high %-skies, winds gussy, those gust as 30 miles per hour. anddthat ill be the stooy for the central part of the state, too. 30 miies per hour.tting up to 88 foo the high, lots of sunshine later in the ay, later on. a bettee chance to see a shower this morning there. othhrwise becoming clearer by the afternoon, partly clouuy, at and 16-20-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 30. sttrting at 76 degrees, they were up to 83 degrees by noon. 84 degrees at 6:00 p.m., withh3 mostly sunny skiis topping out, thhugh today around 88 egrees afternoon oo evening. 58 overnight tonight. cooler, definitely still breezy with 10-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 20. look at the cool down, ú%th a high of 81, a lot of
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sunnhine, too. -2 with the some showers late in the day..3 could be light thunderstorm, but nnthing seveee expected. 84 degrees for monday, 83 onn3 tuusday with late showers possible then as well. all right. let's see what is happening n the roadways this morning. lauren cooke is here with the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we do have two accidents to tell you about this morning one in anne arundel ccunty ttht is going to be riggt oo route 261ú at california avenue and another one in howarr county along the eastbound lanes offroute 100 at executive plus drive. fortunately this only involvess3 %-swerve avoid hitting a taking a live look at liberty at 61 miles perrhour. yoo're nly looking at an 11-minute ride along the outer loop from 795 to 95, it will at 695 at parkville, it should ú% an easy drive as you make thh push towarddtowson. if you're using the 833 no problems to talk about.
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you're looking at a quiik the jfx will remain clear from 695 o fayette street. that's thh traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. still ahead, gold prices are on the rise, why the metal isssoo valuableein a tough economy. >> either one of them.ú >> and a baltimore son salesman this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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a newspaper vendor is hit by a stolen ccr as a driver tries to get away from police. it happened at north and fuuton avenue in north baltimore. as katherine cairnn reports, the victim hadda dangerous job. p> morning sun. >> reporter: from selling headlines. >> north and fulton avenue. >> repprter: to making headlines. a newspaper salesman attacked. the corner is shutdown after police say the oarn of own area stolen car slams van. the stolen car slams into a salesman trying to make his keep
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on this corner. >> the man that was selling newspapers. >> either one of them. >> reporter: on the next block. >> as he surveys the scene, he saas there's hazarrs on this job. >> the way they put you on the medium strip sometimes, it's %-it's kind of hard. you never know what is coming, you know. >> thaa's what happees. >> reporter: he is empty he never had a chance to get his paper. p> very nice ffllow. very nicc. >> reporter: the injured saleeman caa is left behind while the investigation moves forward. >> well, we are chasing with a hell top core, thahelicopter, tt way we can do something. guys, too. p> we run from theseepeople all the time.
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the only thing you can dd is hope and pray. >> reporter: in west baltimmre. >> and it's not getting any better. >> reporter: kathleen cairns, foxx 5 morning news. years old javon davis. he is at the city lock up. >the candidates for the city% state attorney duke it out, the accusations that were flying during yesterday'' heated debate. our own.
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be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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burger king is betting on a bigger brrakfast, while proctor and gamble is betting on something smaller roz stocks arú %--he dow falling, 120 points. the do you is now become
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ú%derwater ffr theeyeaa. gold soarinn on to the hhghest price ever, $2,260 announce. gold ii considered a safe haven during unsafe tiies. google is launching a survey that will allow people to surf the internet on their television screen. the service is expected tt hit ú%e u.s. this fall. burger king is expanding its new items, including, pancakee and blueberry muffins..3 the rest of p and g brands will be compressed so less soap it be eeded. that will save money onn3 everything from packaging to transportation costs. that is business, i'm sandra coming uu a baltimore city inmate escapes from police custody.3 who police are looking for and how he got away. and two doctors will walk morning fighting to get their medical licenses back.
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%-abortion they're accused of taking part that sent a woman to hospital. >> reporter: i'm joel d smithh live in east baltimore where the latest crime plan is this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. [ male announcer ] and this is our cheese. kraft singles. american cheese. only one nation could create it. and that nation is...america. a nation of dreamers, try-harders, doers. try doing this with roquefort. it's made with milk, never oil like some other slices.
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